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Uberdog is the only dog service provider you need


Our business is their pleasure

From wee to large, puppy to senior, Uberdog creates customized programs that you and your dog will adore.

Active cagefree boarding in the country. All day fun at our boutique daycares. Field trips. One on one running excursions. Upscale urban sleepovers. Spa days.

Delivery to your door of natural food and treats. Uberdog provides the best nose to tail services for your furry friend.

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We offer multiple convenient pet service locations for you and your dog, from dog boarding, dog daycare and dog grooming across Toronto and surrounding areas with optional shuttle service for boarding to and from your home.

Uberdog Athletic Club

Fitness based daycare experience for energetic and social dogs

Uberdog The Ranch

Uberdog Ranch

Boarding, Bed & Biscuit, Shuttle Service

Uberdog King City

Uberdog King City Farm

Dog Walking, Field Trips, Shuttle Service - Boarding - coming soon!

Uberdog Hotel The Midtown

Uberdog Midtown

Boarding, Daycare, Dog Walking & Adventure, Shuttle Service

Uberdog Mount Pleasant

Uberdog Mount Pleasant

Spa & Grooming, Retail Store

Fluff Dog Wellness Spa

Fluff Dog Wellness Spa

Spa & Grooming