Dog Walking + Adventure + Experiences

Because border collies aren’t bulldogs.

Our Dog Walking Overview

Regular exercise regimens are important for dogs of all ages, sizes and temperaments. Exercise provides mental and physical stimulation, helps keep the pounds off and has significant effects on your dog’s behaviour. Less chewing on your favourite shoes, more resting peacefully at your feet.

Uberdog offers a variety of dog walking and adventure options with the flexibility to fit your schedule and your dog’s needs.


Group walking services

We know that sometimes, with busy work and life schedules, you aren’t able to get your dog out on a walk. With over 20 years of experience, that’s where we can help!

Our group walks consist of 45 to 60 minute on leash walks and socialization around local neighbourhoods with our trusted, experienced walkers and a small group of likeminded canine friends for company.

Contact us for further information.

* $27 per walk

Packages are available for frequent services.

Field Trips

Getting away from it all does a dog good!
On our field trips, your dog will be shuttled away to our 100 acre property in King City to enjoy hours of fun and open fields with like minded canine friends… and our trusty staff hikers. Much more than a visit to the dog park, our focus is on fulfilling all of your dog’s exercise needs. Suitable for all breeds, sizes and ages, your dog will determine how much exercise they want! Border collies may herd non stop and bulldogs may be content to stroll at their leisure and roll in the fresh country grass.

  • Half day visits- our shuttle will pick up your dog between 7:00-9:00am, they will spend a few hours at the King City Farm and they will be returned back home between 1-3 pm.
  • Full day visits – our shuttle will pick up your dog between 7:00-9:00am, they will spend time at the King City Farm and then be returned to our Athletic Club location for even more playtime and socialization! They will be returned home between 4:30-6:30pm.

Masters Program (coming soon)

Ideal for pooches that need to get out for some fresh air but are not up for running or our brisk walk program. With these leisurely walks, distance is not the main focus. More relaxing strolls and plenty of stops to sniff along the way are our top priority. Our Masters Program walks are either 30 or 45 minutes. Ideal for senior dogs, smaller dogs or dogs recovering from health issues.

  • 30 minute stroll and sniff
  • 45 minute stroll and sniff

Dog Running Services (coming soon)

Much more than a walk in the park! Our dog runners are dedicated athletes who love dogs and who love running. We have two running options which we customize to meet your best friend’s exercise needs.

  • 3-4 km option: this one on one dog run consists of a 5 minute warm-up, 20-25 minute run (about 3-4 km on average) and a 5 minute cool down
  • 7-8 km option: this one on one dog run consists of a 5 minute warm-up, 45-50 minute run (about 7-8 km on average) and a 5 minute cool down

Packages for frequent services are available.


Field Trips
Group Walks
Dog Running
Masters Program
Option 1
Half day
45-60 min
(coming soon)
3-4 km
(coming soon)
30 min
Option 2
Full day
(coming soon)
7-8 km
(coming soon)
45 min


Do you send pictures or notes?

Yes, you can expect photos and updates (including potty break details) issued by our software package.

What happens if my dog gets injured?

If an emergency arises while out on a walk, we will take your dog to the closest emergency vet clinic, or to your own if we are close. We will notify you that we are on our way there. If you cannot be reached, your emergency contact person will be called. We will keep all parties informed along the way.

Will my dog get dirty?

Probably! We like our dogs to have fun on their walks and unfortunately fun for some dogs means lying in puddles and rolling around in the dirt. We do have clean towels in our vehicles and we try to dry the dogs off as best we can. We also ask that you leave a towel by the door for them. Dogs with long and curly coats often retain sand and dirt which seems to fall out over time- especially when they are lying on your new sofa it seems! We would be pleased to leave your dog in a designated area such as a crate, or smaller room so that any mess is confined to a limited area of your home.

Can you pick up my dog if I’m not home?

Yes, but you’ll need to entrust us with a house key. For your security and privacy, all clients’ keys are coded with no identifying information on the tag. Alternatively, having a lock box at your home is also a way of providing access for our walkers, without taking a key from your property.

What is your cancellation policy?

We need 24 hours notice to cancel a walk without charge. The full rate will be charged for: • insufficient notice; • your dog isn’t there when we arrive; or, • we can’t gain access.

I have more than one dog, what are the rates?

Please contact one of our canine concierges by email or give us a call for pricing.

How do I sign my dog up? Which vaccinations do you require?

Everything you need to know is in the New Client - Getting Started section of our website.

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered?

Yes. Dogs over 8 months old must be spayed or neutered to participate in any of our service offerings.

Does my dog need to be licensed?

All dogs participating in our fitness programs need to be licensed by the City of Toronto and a city dog tag needs to be attached to their collar. The cost for a license is $25.00. If you are fined for having a dog without a license the fine is $250.

Are your walkers insured?

Each of our pack leaders are insured through the company. Our screening process includes a criminal record check and review of drivers abstract.

How do you transport the dogs?

Dogs are shuttled to their activities in our specially equipped vans. To ensure their safety, each dog is tethered during transit and while loading or unloading. Some dogs also travel in crates. Each shuttle is equipped with first aid kits and cell phones. They’re fully heated, air-conditioned and well-ventilated (perhaps a bit smelly!).

What areas of Toronto do you service?

Our dog walking and adventure programs are available to Toronto dogs living North of Lakeshore Blvd, South of the 401, East of Jane Street and West of Victoria Park. Outside of our service area? Give us a call, we may be able to recommend another service provider.

For Dog walking in the East End - Lake Ontario to Mortimer and DVP to Victoria Park

Dog Walking in the West End – Jane St north to St Clair. St Clair east to Caledonia. Caledonia north to 401. 401 East to DVP and DVP south to the lake.

How do I pay?

We email invoices directly to you. By following the link on the email you can securely pay with any major credit card. Etransfer is also accepted. If your dog will be a regular attendee, you may benefit from our discounted prepaid packages. Walking/adventure clients who prefer to pay as you go will be invoiced at the end of each week.

Locations with dog walking & Adventure

Offering multiple dog walking & adventure locations conveniently located in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Uberdog The Ranch

Uberdog Ranch

Boarding, Bed & Biscuit, Shuttle Service

Uberdog King City

Uberdog King City Farm

Dog Walking, Field Trips, Shuttle Service - Boarding, Bed & Biscuit coming soon!

Uberdog Hotel The Midtown

Uberdog Midtown

Boarding, Daycare, Dog Walking & Adventure, Shuttle Service