Uberdog Boarding


Uberdog's boarding options offer the best of both worlds for lucky pooches.

Your dog can stay in the city at the hip new Midtown Hotel, shuttle out to the Ranch for an action packed country vacation or enjoy a tailor made holiday combining the 2 - a few days of pampering in the city, a few days of activity in the country! Couldn't be easier, our shuttle does all the driving for you.

Cage free boarding at the Midtown Hotel

Conveniently located in central Toronto, our new boutique hotel provides home like amenities in a modern space. All day activity in our indoor and outdoor play spaces, 3 neighbourhood walks, comfortable slumber party style sleeping accommodations in our size and age appropriate lounges or private suites for the ultra pampered pooch make your dog's stay at the Midtown a fun, stress free experience. Guests are monitored throughout the night to ensure maximum comfort and human contact.

1 night  $60 per night
2-9 nights  $55 per night
10-19 nights  $50 per night
30 % off for second dog

Private Suite add $8 per night

Cage free country boarding at the Ranch

65 acres of open rolling fields and forest in the Northumberland Hills. Clean air, unlimited exercise, grassy play yards, slumber parties with new canine friends. Your dog will have a blast.

Ask about our convenient door-to-door shuttle service.

1-9 nights  $55 per night
10-19 nights  $50 per night
20-29 nights  $40 per night
30 % off for second dog

Bed and Biscuit at the Ranch

All the fun and fresh air of the Ranch and a little extra TLC.

Your dog and a few friends can stay family-style with our staff in the Ranch's charming little farmhouse. Perfect for wee ones, seniors or any pooch that just needs a few more cuddles.

$60 per night

For more detailed information and frequently asked questions, see our faq page.

The above prices are subject to HST.
Uberdog Daycare


Come and play. All day fun, indoor and out.

Bespoke Daycare at Dundas West, the Eastside Club, and the Midtown Hotel

Our Dundas West, Eastside Club (near Leslieville), and the Midtown (Central Toronto) offer a boutique daycare environment for our canine clientele. Each day is packed with fun, outdoor and indoor exercise, and lots of personal attention. Our convenient shuttle will pick them up first thing in the morning, whisk them off for a fun-filled day and return them home in the early evening, tired and happy. Or you can drop your pooch off and pick them up at your convenience.

Daycare at our Eastside Club and Dundas West locations include a romp at our private park - 75 minutes of off-leash fun in our fully fenced, wooded park.

Full day of daycare  $40  |  Prepaid pack of 10  $375
Half day of daycare  $28  |  Prepaid pack of 10  $250
Ask for pricing with shuttle service

For more detailed information and frequently asked questions, see our faq page.

The above prices are subject to HST.
Uberdog Fitness


Exercise and fresh air does a body good. Get outside!

We are in the process of developing some exciting new canine adventures!

For more detailed information and frequently asked questions, see our faq page.

The above prices are subject to HST.
Uberdog Spa


All pups deserve pampering every now and then.


We include a complimentary consultation with your dog's first grooming appointment to discuss the healthiest option for your pet—so that we can get to know you and your dog and address any concerns you might have.

about our pricing
Grooming rates vary based on the size and condition of the dog, the style of the clip desired and the dog's temperament. Our spa menu lists starting points for the various sizes of dog. Once we meet your dog, we will be better able to provide a more accurate price.


See pricing in the chart below.

just a bath + dry simply that - just a bath and a dry

BATH + DRY + TIDY includes bath and blow-dry, nail trim, paw trim, ear cleaning and quick brush

FULL GROOM includes bath and blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, brush, with breed specific or custom haircut




(up to 10 lbs)
$40 $50 * $65 *
(10 to 25 lbs)
$50 $60 * $75 *
(26 to 50 lbs)
$60 $70 * $85 *
(51 to 85 lbs)
$70 $85 * $95 *
(over 85 lbs)
$90 $100 * $120 *

* our spa menu lists starting points


Nail Trim $15
Ear Cleaning $10


Items below must include either our just a bath + dry, our bath + dry + tidy or our full groom services.

Teeth Brushing $10
De-skunking $40
Flea Bath $40
De-Matting / excessive undercoat removal $25 per additional 20 minutes

All full spa services are 10% off when booked at the end of the a ranch or a hotel boarding stay.

We also offer taxi service to and from our spa for grooming clients from Monday to Friday with pick ups between 8:00-10:00 and drop offs between 3:00-5:00. All dogs must be approved for pickup and drop off prior to booking. The taxi service is limited to a specific area - please email for details. Taxi fee is $10 one way, $15 return.

The above prices are subject to HST.
Uberdog Shuttle


Door to door service brings your pup to us and back home.

One of our specially equipped vans will pick up your dog at home, shuttle them out to the Ranch or to the Midtown for their vacation and back home again at the end of their stay.

Available Monday to Friday
Pick ups in the morning between 7:00 and 9:00 am
Drop offs in the evening between 4:30 and 6:30 pm

Return trip to the Ranch  $50
One way trip to the Ranch  $25
Shuttle to the Ranch runs Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

Return trip to the Midtown  $20
One way trip to the Midtown  $10
The above prices are subject to HST.