Uberdog Boarding


General Info

  • Tell me more about the Midtown Hotel.

  • Conveniently located right in the heart of Toronto, the Midtown Hotel offers cage free boarding, daycare, and door to door shuttle service. The Hotel is separated into 3 areas: one exclusively for smaller dogs, one for senior dogs and one for larger more active dogs. The Hotel has an open play area of 1700 square feet of athletic flooring, lots of natural light provided by the 2 large skylights and large glass doors which open up into the outdoor yards. The seniors lounge comes complete with cushy beds and sofas for lounging and is accessed by a ramp so there are no stairs for our older folks to contend with. The small dog area also has sofas and chairs for relaxing and a play area.
  • What are your à la carte hotel services?

  • Dogs that have opted for private suites at the Midtown can also purchase mini bar snacks. Email us for our menu.

    Although dogs staying at the Midtown get plenty of exercise and 3 local walks daily, some need a little extra exercise or change of scenery. For those pups we offer group park runs at our private park.

    45 minute group park runs - $15
  • Tell me more about the Ranch.

  • Nestled in the rolling hills of Northumberland County, the Ranch was specifically created to provide a stress-free vacation retreat for your dog. No cages. No concrete runs. Instead, there are open grassy yards where your dog is free to run in and out at will. (We open a lot of doors!) A variety of walks are offered each day, depending upon the energy level and individual character of your dog. Seniors can go for short walks to stretch their legs while high energy dogs can enjoy hours of off-leash running and adventure with their friends on our 65 acre property.
  • What's a day like at the Ranch?

  • 6:30AM The day starts bright and early. Everyone heads into the yards to stretch and do their thing. Then it's out straight away for the first walk of the day with one of our pack leaders.

    7:30AM or so is breakfast time. Each dog is fed separately so they can enjoy their meals at their own pace.

    After that, the dogs spend their time exploring - inside and outside. (We spend a lot of time opening and closing the doors!) Wilderness walks and other adventures are offered throughtout the day, while more mellow guests can lounge in comfort in the climate-controlled barn.

    5:00PM Supper. An action packed day at the Ranch works up an appetite. Then there's more yard and lounge time or one last evening walk for dogs who are still full of beans.

    9:00PM The dogs retire to their suites and crates in time for Lights Out. Then sleep and sweet dreams before another action packed day tomorrow.
  • What time is check in and check out for boarding?

  • For both the Ranch and the Midtown, our canine guests can be checked in any time during regular business hours:

    Monday to Friday 7:00AM to 6:30PM
    Saturday and Sunday 9:00AM to 6:00PM

    We would recommend that your pooch be checked in as early as possible so that they have a full day of play prior to sleep time.

    Check out time is noon, seven days a week. After noon, we offer a late checkout option for $25 during our regular business hours.
  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • When making a holiday reservation we require a credit card number which we will keep on file. A $100 non-refundable deposit will be charged to your credit card on the date on which you make the reservation with Uberdog.

    Should you need to cancel your holiday reservation Uberdog requires 7 calendar days advance notice of the cancellation. If we do not receive your cancellation within the time frame listed above you will be charged 50% of your scheduled boarding stay. No-shows will be charged for the reservation in its entirety.
  • What if my dog has separation anxiety?

  • If your dog has severe separation anxiety, we would strongly recommend that you use the services of a pet sitter. Boarding a dog with separation anxiety is not safe for the dog, is stressful for the other dogs being boarded and may result in high costs to you to replace/repair the damage that your dog does to the boarding facility.
  • What will my dog eat?

  • All dogs come to the Ranch and the Midtown with their own food. We find this results in fewer upset tummies.
  • Will my dog need anything else?

  • We have everything else that your dog needs for their stay - no leashes, bowls, beds, or toys are required.
  • Will you feed raw diets?

  • Absolutely. We'll happily feed your dog their usual raw diet at no extra charge. In fact, we encourage it!
  • Will you administer medication?

  • Of course. After 10 years and hundreds of canine guests, we've had lots of experience dispensing pills, cleaning ears, administering eye drops and lots more. There's no extra charge. It's all part of the service.
  • Where will my dog sleep at night?

  • We determine sleeping arrangements based on your preference, our assessment of your dog's needs and what they're accustomed to at home. We offer private suites for independent dogs that are roomy enough to share with a friend or sibling. Super social dogs enjoy sleeping with their new pals in the open living space, while others prefer the security of their own crates.

    We take a lot of time getting to know your dog. Their personalities, quirks, likes, dislikes, physical and emotional needs, abilities and challenges. Their comfort, safety and enjoyment is the reason we're here.
Uberdog Daycare


General Info

  • What will my dog do at daycare?

  • Each dog is unique as the people who love them. That's why we offer a customized mix of indoor and outdoor activities suited to your dog’s individual personality and natural instincts. Like to fetch? We'll fit a park play session into their day. Like to run? Off-leash romps at a local dog park. Like to saunter and smell? How about a walk around the neighbourhood with a few canine friends. More laid back? Company, cuddles and a big screen TV in our doggie lounge. We let your dog set their own pace.

    Part of each day will be spent practicing obedience skills. We'll help them work on sit, stay and come. For extra credit, there's high five, crawl, spin. Show us what your pooch can do and we will help them practice.
  • Do you accept puppies?

  • Are you kidding? We adore them! At Eastside we welcome all pups, 3 months and over, once they've received their vaccinations and have been cleared by their veterinarian to attend daycare.
  • Does my dog need to be licensed?

  • Yes. Your dog will need a City of Toronto dog license. We often take the daycare dogs to off-leash dog parks where they can be subject to a hefty fine if they're unlicensed.
  • Do I need a reservation?

  • Yes. Reservations are required for all daycare programs.
  • Do you provide a shuttle service?

  • Yes. We're happy to pick up or drop off your dog for an additional fee. Give us a call to discuss.
  • How do I pay?

  • We email invoices directly to you. We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, cheque, cash or email money transfer. Or pay in advance and save with our Prepaid packages. Daycare clients who prefer drop in will be invoiced every 2 weeks.
Uberdog Fitness


General Info

  • I have more than one dog, what are the rates?

  • Please contact one of our canine concierges by email or give us a call for pricing.
  • Do you send pictures or notes?

  • Yes. You can expect photos and emails, notes or text messages to let you know how their fun-filled adventure went.
  • How do I sign my dog up? Which vaccinations do you require?

  • Everything you need to know is in the New Client - Getting Started section of our website.
  • Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered?

  • Yes. Dogs over 8 months old must be spayed or neutered to participate in our group fitness programs.
  • What happens if my dog gets injured?

  • Our pack leaders are certified in canine first aid. If an emergency arises while out on a walk, we will take your dog to the closest vet clinic and we will notify you that we are on our way there.
  • Does my dog need to be licensed?

  • All dogs participating in our fitness programs need to be licensed by the City of Toronto and a city dog tag needs to be attached to their collar. The fee for a license is $25.00. If you are fined for having a dog without a license the fine can be more than $300.
  • Will my dog get dirty?

  • Probably! We like our dogs to have fun on their walks and unfortunately fun for some dogs means lying in puddles and rolling around in the dirt. We do have clean towels in our vehicles and we try to dry the dogs off as best we can. We also ask that you leave a towel by the door for them. Dogs with long and curly coats often retain sand and dirt which seems to fall out over time- especially when they are lying on your new sofa it seems! We would be pleased to leave your dog in a designated area such as a crate, or smaller room so that any mess is confined to a limited area of your home.
  • Are your walkers insured?

  • Each of our pack leaders are licensed, bonded and insured. Our screening process includes a criminal record check.
  • How do you transport the dogs?

  • Dogs are shuttled to their activities in our specially equipped vans. To ensure their safety, each dog is tethered during transit and while loading or unloading. Some dogs also travel in crates. Each shuttle is equipped with first aid kits and cell phones. They're fully heated, air-conditioned and well-ventilated (perhaps a bit smelly!).
  • Can you pick up my dog if I’m not home?

  • Yes, but you'll need to entrust us with a house key. For your security and privacy, all clients' keys are coded with no identifying information on the tag.
  • What areas of Toronto do you service?

  • Our fitness and adventure programs are available to Toronto dogs living South of the 401, East of Bathurst, West of Victoria Park, North of Lakeshore Blvd. Outside of our service area? Give us a call, we may be able to recommend another service provider.
  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • We need 24 hours notice to cancel a walk without charge. The full rate will be charged for:
    • • insufficient notice;
    • • your dog isn’t there when we arrive; or,
    • • we can't gain access.

  • How do I pay?

  • We email invoices directly to you. We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, cheque, cash or by email money transfer. Or pay in advance and save with our Prepaid packages (hence the name!). Fitness clients who do drop-in walks will be invoiced every 2 weeks.
  • Tell me more about high energy hikes.

  • So many behavioural problems are caused by boredom and insufficient exercise. Most dogs need a minimum of 60 minutes daily of aerobic exercise; some need twice that much—or more. Active breeds, like the sporting, herding, hound, terrier groups and the northern breeds—and virtually all adolescent dogs—thrive on lots of exercise.

    Using GPS devices to track the distance, our responsible, fun-loving, uber-fit pack leaders guide small groups of dogs on our fast-paced, long distance nature treks. The target distance is 8kms but can vary depending on the needs of the dogs as well as the weather and trail conditions.

    These hikes are off-leash only. In order to participate, each dog must have good recall and social skills.

    Our hikes take place in conservation areas in and around the city. Each pack leader is trained to assess the needs of their group and select a suitable trail. But these are more than just furry free-for-alls. We like to think of it as controlled fun. Positive reinforcement is used to direct and control the pack, which owners really appreciate because it helps to improve their dog's training and response times at home.