Dog Training Experiences

We’ve partnered with City Dogs to create Toronto’s best dog training experiences for our Uberdog families.

Dogs are our loyal companions but they don't always behave the way we want them to. Dog parenting is real and raising a well-mannered fur baby takes time and effort. Preparing a puppy for a successful life in a human world or helping an older four legged friend overcome an emerging behaviour has only rewarding and beneficial impacts on the quality of life together.

The training experiences that are available to Uberdog families are focused on dog AND parent development. They are fun, enriching, educational and engaging activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Exciting New City Dogs Experiences at Uberdog



There is no better place for agility than Uberdog Athletic Club!  Come out and learn the basics of tunnels, jumps, platforms and weave poles in Beginner Agility, add the teeter totter and a-frame obstacles as well as speed in Intermediate Agility and then start to have some friendly competition in Advanced Agility..

Solo Agility Classes

Is your dog people or dog reactive and unable to focus during classes?  We have the perfect solution for you!  Use our space and equipment with just you, your dog and your trainer.  These are drop-in sessions so you can come as often as you like.

Polite Pups

Foundation skills are the cornerstone of a well-behaved dog and will make adolescence so much easier!  This is a great class for dogs ages 4 months to a year to help them learn and proof important skills in a new environment.

Chaos to Calm

Do you have an adolescent dog that seems to be a little over exuberant on a walk, when you have guests or just in general?  This class addresses how to create calm in a variety of situations.

Losing It on the Leash

Does your dog lunge, bark and carry on when on a leash, but perfectly happy off the leash?  This class deals specifically with leash frustration, which is very common.  We address the reasons why and techniques that will help create a more zen walk for you and your dog.

Good Manners for Kids and Pups

This class helps to build the relationship between children ages six and above and their dog of any age.  We will teach children about dog body language, games that are fun to play (and avoid any sort of rough play) and fun tricks that they can teach their dog.  We will also teach safety and calmness (for both children and dogs) on a walk.

2-Session Workshops

We get down to the roots of Jumping, Leash Pulling, and Recall – the three most important skills.  Choose the one(s) you need help with most and see the results fast while practicing in real-life scenarios.

Private Dog Training

Whether you have a puppy ready to start off on the right paw, a new rescue getting used to your new home, or a dog going through some difficult behaviours, we are prepared for all sorts of training including leash walking, recall, calm greetings, barking, reactivity, fear and anxiety, and even aggression.  We will work with you to achieve your goals through science-based methods that are educational and fun for both you and your dog.


Puppy Socialization – 10-15 weeks old

Come out and bring your pup to socialize with new sights, sounds, textures, and other puppies & their people. Learn about appropriate play and body language. Bring your questions about puppyhood to ask your trainer.

Pricing: $25/30min session

Dog Socialization – 6 months +

Come bring your older pup to play to a controlled environment with a trainer. Maximum four dogs per trainer. Learn body language, appropriate play and when to give your dog a break.

Pricing: $25/30min session



City Dogs was founded by lead trainer Andrea Dinan CPDT-KA, FFCT, FDM with a simple goal – to make training effective, educational and fun for the whole family and their dog.

Andrea has an extensive training background having acquired certifications from the top institutions and an outstanding track record of success that has been recognized by prestigious associations across the country. She is an award winning trainer and recipient of the Toronto Star’s Reader’s Choice Platinum Award in 2021 for Dog Training.

Her team of trainers at City Dogs are highly educated and experienced in training methods that motivate dogs to change unwanted behaviours into appropriate behaviours, while at the same time increasing the trust and the bond between parent and dog. City Dogs looks at many factors that may be affecting a dog's behaviour to help parents understand why the behaviour is happening and to set dogs up for success.



Training Experiences are conveniently located at the Uberdog Athletic Club located near Eglinton Ave and Laird Dr in Toronto